A thinner, lightweight plantar fasciitis sock is also available for those patients who find the night splints too cumbersome.

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Swede-O Plantar FXT

The Plantar FXT - $37.77The most popular brand of plantar fasciitis sock and the brand which we recommend is the Swede-O Thermoskin Plantar FXT.  It provides optimal heat therapy and blood flow to the tissue while gently stretching the plantar fascia.

You can get hold of this excellent product for under $45 including shipping.

However, if you need a support that can be worn with normal shoes then look no further than the Thermoskin Thermal Support.

Thermoskin Thermal Support

Thermoskin Thermal Support - $49.98We also like the Thermoskin Thermal Support.    It fits comfortably on your foot even while wearing shoes.  It has an adjustable hook and latch support to lift the arch and provide noticable support.  The Theroskin Thermal Support is clinically proven to increase skin temperature giving you gentle heat therapy.  Help rid yourself of pain throughout the day.

You can pick it up here for under $50.00.

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